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Will there be a fourth Summer book?
This is the number one question I get asked, and while I so appreciate and love that readers want more of Belly's story, I feel like we left her in a pretty great place in We'll Always Have Summer. However! I did include Conrad's letters to Belly in the paperback edition, so definitely check that out! 

Will there be a a Summer I Turned Pretty movie? 
This is the number two question I get asked. And the answer is... we are working really hard to make that happen, but as of now, there is no news to report. I would absolutely love, love, love for there to be a movie, but it really isn't just up to me. Trust that as soon as there is news, I will shout it from the mountaintops! 

Can I play Belly in the movie/tv show/Broadway musical/cartoon?
I'm so honored you feel a connection to the character and I wish I could help make this happen for you. But from what I understand, authors don't usually get a huge say in this, it's really more up to the studio to decide because they are the ones who are paying for it. 

Why haven't you responded to my email or letter yet??!
I'm truly sorry. I really wish I could respond to each and every piece of mail I receive, because I'm so grateful for your letters and I so love to hear from you. I used to be able to email back everyone and write handwritten letters, but sadly, I just don't have the time anymore. I really do wish I could, but writing books and keeping up with deadlines etc etc keeps me super-busy! 

Fine. Will you at least give me some writing advice?
My best advice is to first write for yourself and stay in your story and just pour all of your good stuff and bad stuff into it. By "stuff", I mean all the experiences and pleasures and little hurts that make up a life. Because even (and especially) the really hard experiences are worth having, if you can channel those emotions into something beautiful.

Will you come visit my school?
If my schedule allows, I would love to! I do a presentation that focuses on the writer's life and the bookmaking process, a Q&A, a writing exercise if time permits, and I am always happy to sign books afterward. Please feel free to email me about scheduling or fees. If you are a teen, talk to your English teacher or librarian about the possibility of having me come visit, and have them email me directly. 

What are you working on now?
I am working on a new trilogy called Burn for Burn with my BFF Siobhan Vivian. The sequel, Fire with Fire, is out in Fall '13. Check out my Teen Books page for more info. I am also working on a picture book and a standalone YA novel called To All the Boys I've Loved Before, due out in Spring '14.